SharpsMeade Event a Witchy Good Time!

A Harry Potter themed festival held at Kennedy Park on Oct. 21 provided a witchy good time for Sharpsburg residents, guests and Harry Potter fans. The event renamed Sharpsburg as the town of Sharpsmeade to mirror Harry Potter’s town of Hogsmeade for the day. More than 2,500 people from Pittsburgh attended the event, which also was a fundraiser for the nonprofit Beverly’s Birthdays.

The Tribune-Review covered the event in the following article:

Organized by Springdale High School student Rachel Halapchuck in collaboration with the Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization, more than 2,500 from all around Pittsburgh attended the colorful event to raise money for the nonprofit Beverly’s Birthdays.

Halapchuck, 16, has been raising funds for the organization since she was in eighth grade. The group offers birthday parties to underprivileged kids. Proceeds from the fall festival on Oct. 21 were $1,500. The Magical Sharpsburg Fall Festival received some funding from the borough.

“We went to a couple of towns for this event and Sharpsburg was the first to get back to us. They were really excited about the idea,” Halapchuck said. “I don’t think we would have gotten this much help from anyone else.”

The event featured horse-drawn carriage rides, live music, face painting, vendors, 1,000 donated pumpkins and an array of “Harry Potter”-themed activities and booths.

“I never expected it to get this big,” Halapchuck said. “The day before the festival we checked on Facebook and there were 1,400 people saying they were coming.”

Tammy Dennis and her daughter, Elizabeth, of West Mifflin heard about it on social media.

“It just kept showing up on my newsfeed, so I thought that we definitely needed to make the trip and check it out,” Dennis said. “So far, we haven’t been disappointed.”

Written by Christine Manganas (freelance writer).