Sharpsburg Historical Commission

  • Classic Sharpsburg Fire Dept. vehicle

Sharpsburg is dedicated to preserving and protecting its historically rich community. The Sharpsburg Historical Commission (SHC) was established in 2017 to create awareness of the borough’s history. The SHC is committed to preserving and protecting significant buildings within Sharpsburg that constitute or reflect distinctive features of the architectural, cultural, political, economic, and social history of the town. This work is described in Resolution 17-09. The Commission is an advocate for historical preservation in planning and development for the community.

Members of SHC are:
Malina Suity (Chair, 2017-2018)
Devin Russian (Co-Chair, 2017-2018)
Regina McDonald Russian (Clerk, 2017-2018)
Joe Bruno (Treasurer, 2017-2018)
Leo Rudzki
Matt Rudzki
Lou Deluca
Matt Diersen
Melanie Linn Gutowski

SHC meets monthly to discuss goals, issues and projects:
Sharpsburg Historical Commission June Meeting
Sharpsburg Historical Commission July Meeting
Sharpsburg Historical Commission August Meeting
Sharpsburg Historical Commission September Meeting
Sharpsburg Historical Commission October meeting