Borough Welcomes New Mayor, Council Members

  • Judge Robert Gallo
    Judge Robert Gallo addressed the attendees to express the importance of public service

Sharpsburg Borough welcomed its new Mayor and new Council at its January 2, 2018 Reorganization meeting. A packed room filled with residents and business owners watched as the new Mayor – Matthew V. Rudzki, former councilman – took oath to protect the office and serve the borough by Judge Robert Gallo. Two new Council members, Joseph Simbari and Matthew Brudnok, took their first oath with returning Council members Karen Pastor and Brittany Reno. Judge Gallo also presented an Oath of Office to Patricia Hyatt, elected Tax Collector.

Mayor Rudzki thanked the audience. “Serving my hometown as Mayor is a humbling honor,” he said.

“Sharpsburg, our home, is undergoing an amazing transformation. It is an exciting time to live in Sharpsburg, but with our continued progress we have a duty to ensure that Sharpsburg remains a community of open doors, accessible and affordable for all. We have a duty to grow responsibly and sustainably. We have a duty that Sharpsburg remains a safe community. In achieving these goals, I will listen to and engage with residents – I am your ambassador. I will collaborate with Council and Borough staff – they are our stewards. Chief (Thomas) Stelitano and his Department will have my full support – they are our caretakers. … It is my sincere hope that we shall continue to work harmoniously together toward our common goal: the prosperity of the community.”

Mayor Rudzki recognized outgoing Mayor Richard Panza and retiring Council member Louis Costanzo for their years of service in two proclamations he read aloud to the audience, with Mr. Panza in attendance. Mr. Panza served for more than 60 years as council and mayor, and Mr. Costanzo served for more than 40 years through the fire department and council.

Mrs. Pastor, re-elected to council and previously serving as Council President, nominated Ms. Reno, also beginning a new term, to the President seat. Council voted unanimously to appoint Ms. Reno as Council President.

“It has been my honor to serve Sharpsburg as Council President over the last four years, but it has been an even greater pleasure to watch our younger council members become acclimated to their positions and become a strong and a greater asset to the community,” Mrs. Pastor stated. “I am proud of the direction council has taken our community and I see the energy, passion and leadership of our younger Council members, so I feel it is time to pass the baton on to our new generation … I am truly grateful for the trust past Councils have placed in me and would like to see the legacy of female leadership that started almost a decade ago under Council Presidents Jan Barbus and Renee Procopio continue.”

Mr. Brudnok and Mr. Simbari were welcomed to Council. Mrs. Pastor was nominated and appointed Vice President of Council.

Mr. Costanzo retired from Council and Adrianne Laing completed an appointed term in December. Council is accepting letters of interest and will interview applicants for the  remaining two years of Mayor Rudzki’s Council seat. That person will be appointed on January 25 at its monthly meeting beginning at 6:30 PM at the borough building. For more information about applying, call the municipal office at 412-781-0546.

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