Seneca Area EMS is a non-profit emergency service serving Sharpsburg as well as other surrounding communities. On January 1, 1995, Etna Emergency Medical Services and Sharpsburg Emergency Medical Services combined operations to become Seneca Area Emergency Services. The appropriate paperwork was filed with the State and Seneca Area was designated the primary EMS provider for the boroughs of Etna and Sharpsburg. The service is licensed as an advanced life support provider with 2 Advanced Life Support ambulances and 1 Paramedic response unit.

One of the Seneca Area Emergency Services has a base located in here in Sharpsburg, and the other base is in the Dorseyville area of Indiana Township.



For additional information about Seneca EMS, visit their website.

Contact information for the Sharpsburg base:

Seneca Area Emergency Services
1885 Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Phone: (412) 781-8596
Fax: (412) 781-3477