Fire Department

Louis Costanzo

Fire Chief Louis Costanzo

The Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department is located next to the Borough Building, 1611 Main Street. Though its organization and structure have changed throughout the years, fire service in Sharpsburg has been around since 1871. When the Pennsylvania Railroad ran through the middle of the town in the early and middle 20th century, there had to be two fire companies, one on each side of the tracks. In 1974 the Fire Department purchased the property where the Fire Station is currently located (next to the Borough Building) and became incorporated as a non-profit organization the next year.

In 1993 the borough’s Administrative Offices and Police Department moved into the luxurious Fire Departments Banquet Hall. Council Chambers is located in the area where the stage and dance floor once existed. Now existing locker room and holding cell at the police station are where the banquet hall kitchen was.  We have been told that many lovely wedding was held here!

Today, the Fire Department is operated by a group of dedicated, hard-working volunteer fire fighters. The Fire Chief is elected by those within the Fire Department who proudly serve the residents of Sharpsburg.

Please visit the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department’s website.

For Emergencies, Call 911!