Code Enforcement

Norm George of Professional Code Services is the Building Inspector and Zoning Officer for the Borough of Sharpsburg. Building inspections are performed as needed upon request.  Mr. George is available for general inquiries and inspections at the Borough office every Tuesday from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM.   Newly sold properties are required to be inspected prior to the closing. The building inspector will never go into a property without being invited in or without someone being at the property. If you would like to file a complaint regarding a code or building violation, please call the borough office at (412) 781-0546. Find applications and forms on this page.

CODE ENFORCEMENT is the responsibility of all municipalities in Allegheny County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  In order to maintain clean & safe neighborhoods, desirable living spaces and healthy work environments, ordinances are adopted by elected officials and enforced by code inspectors, code agents, as well as the police department.  Senate Bill 900, or the Neighborhood Blight Reclamation and Revitalization Act, was signed into law by Gov. Ed Rendell in October of 2010. Under the law, if a property is in serious violation of a building or housing code, a municipality may take action to prevent, restrain, correct or abate the problem.

Council began its battle against blight in 2009 with the passing of Ordinance 09-05, “Reasonable Regulations for Rental Dwellings.”  With 65% of borough property changing from single family homes to multiple rental units, something had to be done to regulate the decay that was occurring.  In 2013 Council updated Ordinance 09-05 with Ordinance 13-08, which made changes to fees and inspection service. Many responsible landlords have complied, but more must be done to cease the urban decline. 

The Borough of Sharpsburg is doubling its efforts to combat all nuisance properties.  Code enforcement agents are assessing all properties for high grass, trash, damaged structures and more. Code enforcement officer keeps a record of vacant and blighted properties in the borough. Professional Code Services is the official Building Inspector as well as the Zoning and Code Officer for the Borough of Sharpsburg.

The borough has adopted the PA statewide Unified Construction Code (UCC).

In order to familiarize you with the code violations that the agents will look for, a list has been provided below.  Each violation is “deemed so” by an ordinance or by the “International Property Maintenance Code – 2009” (IPMC – 2009) that was adopted by Council on January 6, 2009.

The process for identifying and citing for code violations is as follows:

  1. A designated agent of the borough will assess the property
  2. A designated agent may take pictures and collect data that is recorded and archived. Agents will not go on the property unless given written permission.
  3. A designated agent will give a warning to the owner of the property with a written notice of said violation
  4. Property owner will be given a period of time for the violation to be corrected. Each violation can carry up to a 30 day period of time to begin and/or complete corrections of violations
  5. A designated agent will inspect the property for correction of the violation
  6. A designated agent will once again record data for the archives
  7. Property owner will receive a written notice that will state either the code violation has been corrected or a citation will be issued for non-compliance.
  8. Property owners receiving citations will be expected to appear in district court before the local district judge.Fines will range from $300 a day to no more than $1,000 a day, depending on the code violation and may possibly be accrued on a daily bases up to a maximum of $8,000

Property owners may appeal a violation notice by asking for a hearing with the “Code Appeal Board!”  This board is comprised of the seven members of Borough Council and the Official Building, Code and Zoning Officer.


302.4     WEEDS IPMC – 2009
302.1     SANITATION IPMC – 2009
304.13  WINDOWS & DOORS IPMC – 2009
304.1     EXTERIOR UNSAFE IPMC – 2009
304.3     PREMISES  ID IPMC – 2009
304.5     FOUNDATION WALLS IPMC – 2009
304.6     EXTERIOR WALLS IPMC – 2009
304.7     ROOFS IPMC – 2009
304.10   CHIMNEYS IPMC – 2009
304.12   HAND GUARD RAILS IPMC – 2009
308.1     RUBBISH/GARBAGE ORDINANCE  NO. 415  1982/ IPMC – 2009