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Sharpsburg Human Rights Commission

Sharpsburg is dedicated to preserving and protecting its historically rich community. The Sharpsburg Historical Commission (SHC) was established in 2017 to create awareness of the borough’s history. The SHC is committed to preserving and protecting significant buildings within Sharpsburg that constitute or reflect distinctive features of the architectural, cultural, political, economic, and social history of the town. This work is described in Resolution 17-09. The Commission is an advocate for historic preservation in planning and development for the community.

Members of HRC are:

Chair: Erin Angeli (2 year term)

Co Chair: Michael White (3 year term)

Kayla Causer (3 year term)

Mary Jayne Kozlowski (2 year term)

Roxanne Acquaro (1 year term)

Nanci Goldberg

HRC meetings will be held the 4 th Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm, unless the 4 th Tuesday falls after a

council meeting. If that’s the case, the HRC meeting will be held on the 3 rd Tuesday of the month.

Complaint Process: 




March 2021 Meeting Minutes

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