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Forms & Applications

Listed below are the Sharpsburg Borough fee schedule, forms, and applications. Paper copies are available at the Borough office during normal operating hours or by calling 412-781-0546. For additional information regarding the ordinances and procedures, review the appropriate ordinance or code in the Sharpsburg Borough Municipal Codebook.

These forms are available in print by calling the Borough Secretary at 412-781-0546 x 101.

Borough of Sharpsburg Fee Schedule

Res. No 22-16, enacted 01-2023

FORMS are to be dropped off at the Borough Office or mail the form to The Borough of Sharpsburg, 1611 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Sharpsburg Request to Comment

Res. No. 06-10, enacted 11-14-2006
Use: Completing a form will place a submitter on the agenda to speak; a five-minute limit is suggested. The form must be turned into the Borough Office by 4:00 P.M. the day before a scheduled meeting in order to speak.

S.C.R.A.M. form

Use: Completed forms will be given to the Police Department, the Code Officer or the Department of Public Works for action. The council reviews the sheet and determines if action is needed.

Sharpsburg Right to Know Forms

Use: The Borough of Sharpsburg follows the policies and procedures set forth in the Open Meetings / Open Record  – The Sunshine Act and the Right to Know Law for Local Government Services. Complete this form and submit to Open Records Officer at 1611 Main Street, Pittsburgh PA 15215 or by email to Refer to the Right to Know forms for applicable fees.

APPLICATIONS are to be dropped off in person, along with the requested documentation and Fees, at The Borough of Sharpsburg, 1611 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Building Permit Application Ord. No. 98-08
Property owners or Contractors wishing to erect new construction, i.e. decks, additions, must apply for a building permit. Extensive interior modifications will also require a permit. The permit is subject to the Borough Building/Zoning Inspector’s approval. Fee: Please refer to the Fee Schedule.

Zoning Permit Application Ord. 16-03

Property owners or Contractors wishing to install signs, fences, swimming pools, decks, sidewalks or open a new business, new construction, etc. Fee: $35 plus $3.50 per $1000 cost of work. Fee is waved when a building permit

application accompanies the zoning application.

Accessible Parking Permit Ord. No. 11-07
Sharpsburg residents who have a physical handicap may apply for a Handicap Parking Sign for designated parking. The application is subject to approval by the Mayor, Chief of Police and Borough Council at a regularly scheduled business meeting.


Property Owner/Rental License Form Ord. No. 15-06
All rental property is to be inspected and the occupancy information of the rental units updated once a year. Owners of these properties are to fill out these forms and return it with a $60 Bi-Annual Fee.


Soliciting Permit Ord. No. 98-00
Anyone wishing to solicit door to door or from a specific location on the public street must apply for this permit. The applicant is subject to the approval of the Chief of Police after a background check is performed before the permit is issued. Fee: $50 per day.


Street Opening Permit Ord. No. 11-07
Any Resident, Business, Contractor or Utility Company wishing to open the public streets of Sharpsburg, are to apply for a permit. A bond is required, along with a refundable deposit and a $150.00 application fee.


Vacant Property Renewal Application Res. No. 12-02
Those in the Borough of Sharpsburg wishing to obtain vacant property abutting their property or non-profit make use of a vacant property to benefit the public will want to fill out this application. Review the fees and application process on the Allegheny County website. Applications must be submitted directly to the county office.

Usage Permit Ord. No. 98-08
Anyone wishing to operate a business; commercial, industrial or educational cannot occupy that business (open, remodel) until a usage permit is completed, referred to the Building Inspector and space is inspected for code violations. Fee: $60.00. Non-Refundable


Dumpster Permit

Anyone wishing to utilize a dumpster on-site should apply for this permit. Fee: $100.00. Refundable

PLEASE NOTE: These forms are available in print by calling the Borough Secretary at 412-781-0546 x 101.

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