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Sharpsburg Borough

Sharpsburg Council is comprised of elected officials and a mayor. The Council meets monthly to discuss agenda items, pass resolutions, share committee items and to hear from its residents. We are here to serve you!


"Sharpsburg is a beautiful community made up of interesting and caring people, and I feel personally called to join my neighbors in contributing my time to make this unique little place safer, healthier, and even more welcoming for the people who live here. As the community experiences unprecedented growth and investment, it’s important that local leadership looks out for the best interests of residents, especially regarding access to opportunity for those who aren’t traditionally considered in matters of economic development, and engages all Sharpsburgers in the ongoing process of determining the direction and building the future of our community.”

Brittany Reno

Occupation: Executive Director, Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization

Political Experience: Appointed to Council March 2015. Elected to continue serving in November 2015. Elected in 2017. Elected to serve as President for 2017. Elected to Mayor in November 2021.

Professional or Civic Affiliations: Sharpsburg Health & Borough Property Council Committee Chair; Congress of Neighboring Communities (CONNECT) Sharpsburg delegate; Sharpsburg Shade Tree Commission member; Public Allies Pittsburgh AmeriCorps alumna; Community Library Association board member; La Dorita Cares board member

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Media and Professional Communications with a concentration in Corporate and Community Relations


"I love to serve the borough and its constituents. Our history is rich in community!"

Adrianne Laing

Occupation: On-site Services Program Manager at the Women's Center & Shelter.

Political Experience: Appointed to Council August 2017, appointed to Council August 2019. Elected to Council 2020.

Professional/Civic Affiliations: Board member of the Fox Chapel District Association, Member of the Sharpsburg Environmental Advisory Council, volunteer for Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization.

Education: Bachelors of Arts in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Social Work from Point State Park University.

Karen Pilarski_Pastor 2022.jpg

“I am a third-generation Sharpsburg resident who has lived through the cyclicality that every municipality experiences. As times change, the infrastructure of a community must adapt. They say that a good source of knowledge is experience. I choose to be a member of borough council as I feel I can contribute what I have learned over the years and share that information." 

Karen Pilarski-Pastor
Vice President

Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Political Experience: Elected to Council in 2010, 2014, 2018, 2022. Previously served as President and Vice President. Currently voted as Vice President in 2022.

Professional / Civic Affiliations: North Hills COG Executive Board (President); Firefighter and Board Secretary for  Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department Allegheny County Station 265; American Legion Post 106 Ladies Auxiliary; Member - Christ the King Catholic Church Pastoral Council / Mass Lector.

Education:  St. Mary’s, Sharpsburg – 12 years

SharpsCCL Peter Adams.jpg

"I am serving on Sharpsburg Council because I want to help and support the people and businesses of our Borough. Sharpsburg faces significant opportunity. My goal is to ensure that investment leads to equitable development that benefits all of the people of Sharpsburg."

Peter Adams

Occupation: Administrative Fellow, UPMC

Political Experience: Appointed to Council, February 2022.

Professional / Civic Affiliations: Advanced EMT and Crew Representative on the Board of Directors, Foxwall EMS 

Education: Master of Business Administration (2021), Master of Health Administration (2021), Bachelor of Arts in Health Services (2016), Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience (2011) from the University of Pittsburgh


“I’ve always felt a calling to public service.  Serving on borough council now lets me take that to the next level – allowing me to work side by side with others that share my passion for improving the place that we all call home.”

Jonathan Jaso

Occupation: 9-1-1 Dispatcher for Allegheny County 28 years

Political Experience: Sharpsburg Council, appointed 1/25/2018.

Professional / Civic Affiliations: Volunteer firefighter for almost 30 years and current member of Sharpsburg Fire Department

Education: Associate Degree in Computer Science.

Sharpsburg KaylaPortis.jpg

“I have deep roots in our beautiful borough as a 4th generation Sharpsburg resident who believes that 'Sharpsburg is for All'. It is an honor and privilege to serve this community that is so rich in history.”

Kayla Portis

Occupation: Health Care Worker for Allegheny County- Kane Community Living Center

Political Experience: Appointed February 2021 to fill a vacant position. Elected in Nov. 2021.

Professional / Civic Affiliations: Sharpsburg Historical Commission, Sharpsburg Baseball/Softball Association- Treasurer 2019 - February 2021, Fox Chapel Area for Social Justice- President

Education: Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies- minors: Psychology and Sociology


"I care deeply about this town and hope to engage more active participation from our community. We all call Sharpsburg home. Why not make it the best it can be? I hope to empower people who haven't yet found their voice and to welcome positive and progressive ideas. I want to cultivate a culture of inclusion, acceptance and possibility for all. Sharpsburg is for everyone."

Carrie Tongarm

Occupation: Attorney

Political Experience: Elected in Nov. 2021.

Professional / Civic Affiliations: Steel City Stonewall Democrats (Board Member); Allegheny County Bar Association.

Education: Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, University of Pittsburgh School of Law, 2013.

Bachelors of Fine Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2001.


"I am dedicating time and energy to council to give back to the community that I have lived in for ten years. I plan to focus on process improvements, people management and advocating for the borough through transit."

Sarah Ishman

Occupation: Product Manager at Motional

Political Experience: Elected to council in Nov. 2021.

Education: Bachelors degree, Edinboro University.

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