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Waste Management (WM) began delivering garbage cans today (3/15/2023). This is a week ahead of schedule. We are aware that there was a botched rollout on the part of WM with the mailing of the postcards for households that would like a garbage can that is smaller or larger than the default 64-gallon can. You will be able to switch out the 64-gallon can for the size that you want if that is your preference. The Borough staff asks for your patience as we work through this because it will be Borough staff that will be switching out the garbage cans. Before we can switch out cans, WM will need to deliver the extra cans to us. This has not happened yet. Please, if the wrong size can was delivered to your house, call the admin office at 412-781-0546 and let us know the following: Your name, address, the size of can that you did want (35 gallon of 96 gallon). Be advised that if you are looking for additional garbage cans, those will be purchased directly from WM and not the Borough. The Borough is not involved in selling additional garbage cans. Thank you for your patience.

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