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FAQ Regarding New Waste Management Garbage Carts and Recycling Bins as of 9am March 17, 2023

We received notification this morning that WM’s contractor has finished delivering the carts and bins. At this point, we will be moving into “fixing” mode and out of “delivery” mode. See below for a collection of questions we frequently are asked.

1. What if I still don’t get a cart and a bin even though WM has finished delivering the carts and bins?

There are several reasons why you may not receive a cart and a bin including 1) WM missed your house, 2) your house is not on the list because you are not currently paying for trash service, and 3) someone took your cart or bin. If you don’t get a cart or bin, please call the Borough at 412-781-0546. If your call goes to voicemail, please leave your name, address, phone number and what size bin you requested if you sent back the postcard. We will work with you to determine why you didn’t get a cart and bin.

If the reason is because WM missed your house, then WM will deliver a cart and bin to your house within 5 days of notification. We are told that it probably won’t take that long but to allow up to 5 days after a work ticket is placed.

If the reason is because you were not paying for trash service, we will contact Hampton Shaler Water Authority and add trash service to your bill and WM will deliver a cart and bin to your house within 5 days of notification.

If the reason is that someone took your bin, then and WM will deliver a cart and bin to your house within WM will deliver a cart and bin to your house within 5 days of notification.

2. What do I do if WM delivers the wrong size cart from what I ordered on the postcard?

Wm finished delivering carts and changing cart sizes for those households for which the postcard was received. If you still have the wrong cart, call the Borough and tell us what you need. At the end of each day, we will provide a list to WM of addresses that need carts to be swapped out because of incorrect delivery. WM will make the switch within 5 days. You can leave your wrong-sized can at the curb or in the alley as long as it is accessible to WM when they come back to swap out the cart. You will not be issued a citation for having the can at the curb while we wait for the swapping of carts to be completed, which we expect to be done by April 3, assuming no major issues arise.

3. What do I do in the meantime while I wait for my cart to be delivered?

You should just do what you have always done with trash until your cart is delivered. If you are waiting for a different size cart, you are permitted to use the new cart and WM will still trade out the carts for the correct size and they will remove the garbage that may have been placed in there while you were waiting.

4. Is the borough’s code enforcement staff going to issue me a citation if I leave my cart out for WM to pick up?

Not at this point. We understand that the issues are still being resolved and that it will take a little time for everything to settle down. Once WM has finished delivering carts, trading out carts and handling the big issues, then we will start enforcing the rules about garbage and garbage cans at the curb. We expect this to be on April 4.

5. What do I do if I need a different size cart from the one that I requested?

If after using the cart for a few weeks you determine that you need a different sized cart, call the Borough and DPW will swap out your cart. DPW will only be getting an inventory of carts the week of April 3 so we can’t do this just yet. You will need to have your old cart available for DPW to take if you would like to trade your cart for a different size.

6. What do I do if I need another cart or bin?

Waste Management is responsible for providing additional carts and bins. The Borough can’t sell you a bin because we don’t own them to be able to sell them. You will need to call WM’s customer service line and pay for a bin using a credit or debit card. Once you pay for the cart or bin, you will have a confirmation number and WM will deliver the extra cart or bin within approximately 5 days. If you don’t actually pay for the cart or bin, then it will not be delivered. Please also note that indicating multiple check marks or Xs on your postcard does not indicate that you will be given additional carts since the carts were not paid for.

7. What if my cart or bin breaks?

Notify Waste Management with your name, address and cart size and they will repair or replace the cart depending on what is wrong with it.

8. Can I use my own garbage cans that are suitable for automated pickup instead of buying additional cans?


9. What if I don’t have a side yard, back yard, or garage in which I can store the cart and bin? Will I get a citation?

If you are concerned about this issue, call the Borough and we will work with you to determine where you can store your cart and bin to avoid a citation.

10. When does recycling start?

Recycling will start on March 21. For information on what is recyclable, refer to the welcome brochure sent by WM. If you didn’t receive a copy and/or your threw it away, there is a copy posted on the Borough’s website.

11. Will there be a grace period?

Wm has said that there will be a grace period in terms of picking up trash that is on the curb and not in a WM garbage cart. They will pick up trash that is on the curb until April 4 while we work through the process of making sure everyone has the correct can.

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