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River Bend Comprehensive Plan

A map of the TriBoro EcoDistrict

River Bend is a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Sharpsburg, Millvale, and Etna - also known as the TriBoro EcoDistrict - focusing on eight goals the three communities believe they can achieve. Representatives from each community focused on major issues that could be worked on together. The plan features the following goals:

  • Seize opportunities to work together

  • Strengthen the sense of place

  • Leverage existing assets

  • Focus on opportunity building blocks as physical places to grow

  • Update zoning ordinances

  • Target key land-use changes

  • Improve bike and pedestrian infrastructure

  • Address stormwater management


Other projects called for include studying ways to connect with riverfront locations, installing bicycle lanes and racks, improvements to Canal Street and to create design guidelines.

Review the plan in its entirety by clicking here.

Read more about the TriBoro EcoDistrict project in this Post-Gazette news article. 

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