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Sustainable PA Community

Sustainable Community Essentials Certification Seal
  • Sharpsburg Resolution 17-08, committing to pursuing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from Borough operations and practices in the following areas: Purchasing, Energy Use, Building Design, and Construction Land Use, Street and Public Space Design, Source Reduction and Recycling, and Air and Water Quality and Conservation.

  • Sharpsburg Resolution 17-09, committing to preserving the historic portions of the borough reflecting cultural, economic, social, political and architectural history of the borough, Pennsylvania and the United States by establishing a Sharpsburg Historical Commission charged with identifying and protecting the borough's historical assets.

  • Sharpsburg Resolution 17-10, committing to adopting a "Complete Streets" policy to better integrate physical activity in the daily lives of the residents and visitors by emphasizing various active transportation modes to contribute to improved health, reduced traffic congestion, reduced environmental impacts and the creation of an economically vibrant and sustainable 21st-century community.

  • Sharpsburg Resolution 17-11, committing to establishing an Environmental Advisory Council that will advise residents and government about environmental issues within the borough, encourage sustainable design and renewable energy use, protect and preserve the borough's natural resources and maintain open land use and create inventories of the natural areas and unique features within the borough.

All resolutions are available in print by request at the Borough Office.

Sharpsburg Borough is working towards improving its sustainability as a community member of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Sustainable Community Development Network. Council recently approved several resolutions committing to the sustainability policies and practices for Sharpsburg, which ultimately affect Pittsburgh, the nation and the world! 

Sharpsburg believes it can provide leadership for the Allegheny River Town communities to advance environmental sustainability, promote social equity and encourage vibrant communities! 

The Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification, a project of the Pennsylvania Municipal League and Sustainable Pittsburgh, is a voluntary performance recognition program to help municipalities achieve their sustainability goals to save money, conserve resources, and encourage innovation.  It is intended to bring recognition to municipalities that are applying the policy and practice of sustainability as their way of operating in order to advance community prosperity.  Focused on municipal operations, policies, and practices, the certification also serves as a mechanism for sharing best practices for creating a more sustainable Pennsylvania.

The program provides communities with an online structure and performance platform for recognition as they adopt sustainable policies and practices.  The certifications – Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Associate level – is free and strictly voluntary.  The program helps municipalities progress from whatever their municipal practices are or have been in the past toward achieving a sustainable future.


Read more about the program: Sustainable Pittsburgh.

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